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At our Award-Winning studio we perform all types of custom tattooing, from old school and neo traditional through to new school and photo based realism. This means you will never have the same design as anyone else; It will be a truly unique piece from an established custom design tattoo studio.

All artists have their own portfolios. The artists have the skills and experience to give you good tattoo artwork. If you can't find what you're looking for, speak with one of our staff, and they will be glad to help you decide on. If you have an idea but don't know how to get it down on paper, let us do it for you.

Check everyday for new tattoos in our facebook page .

Photos of artist works can be seen in our site desktop version at www.hammersmithtattoo.co.uk in section "Galleries ".

Registered with Hammersmith and Fulham Health Authority, we have worked closely with them to provide you with the highest standard of tattoo hygiene.

About us Tattoo Piercing Aftercare Contacts Online shop

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